Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Last week, I woke up to find my Vehicle had been broken into. It's more of a pain in the ass than anything, but the thing that really pisses me is, it was parked in my freakin driveway. The thief got away with a Pocket PC/ GPS and some pocket change. I guess they needed it more than me. The biggest pain was getting the window replaced.

I had been hit before. Some years ago the jeep had been targeted in our so called "secured" parking lot at the office. Had an SX camera, batteries and wireless mic taken on that event. Funny thing, about that one, they left the tripod, it's a Cartoni, piece of crap really, but even the thief would not take it. Too bad.

Gear disappears all too frequently. Some of my shooting colleagues have had gear stolen as well. It doesn't seem to matter who or what format the gear happens to be. It is a North America wide problem. Every once and a while you will read a post on B-Roll about another kit that has been lifted. It seems that the stations have been targeted and the thieves wait for their opportunity. Walking around with a large camera on one's shoulder, kinda makes you stand out and an easy target, I suppose.

Where the gear ends up is anybody's guess. I'd like to think that my former camera is working in the adult video business, but although it was widely thought that the porn business is where all stolen broadcast news gear ended up, it is more likely is was sold for parts on the black market in central America. Who knows, but theft costs companies, freelancers and others who own their own gear.

It has been a while since anyone in our area has been hit, but unfortunately it is only a matter of time before another heist happens again. I know that my latest visit by Mr. Smash and Grab, only serves to remind us thieves are everywhere.

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Doug said...

I can tell you there are no SX cameras floating around the Central American nation of Belize.

There is, however, a semi-employee of CTV.

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