Saturday, May 13, 2006

Momma Murman

You're never too old to give your Mom a Hug

This is the weekend that we are all supposed to call our Moms or take them out for that special dinner. Yes it's Mother's Day.

I want to tell all of you about my Mom. She is the coolest, funkiest lady I know. It wasn't always like that, but as I grew and aged I began to appreciate all of the things that my mother has done for me in life. I know I wouldn't be the person I am today or enjoy the life I lead if it hadn't been for my Mom. But where to begin,

Well I suppose, since she carried me for 9 tough months and bore me that might be a good place for me to start. You see that very thing alone, birth, binds mothers for life, whether you like it or not, to you, her child. And so it has been with my Mom. She has always supported me and enabled me to explore the world. As a child, the world is full of wonder, danger and discovery. Mom was there to comfort me when I was afraid, encourage me when I was timid and to share the joy and sorrow of life's little speed bumps. I know that she did the same for both my brother and sister as we grew into adults.

Murman, Starr-my Mother, Carrie-my Sister, Dan-my Brother

As a teenager we discover our Moms are not perfect. It comes as a bit of a shock that we discover that she is a human being with all of the faults and flaws that the rest of us have. It is a time when being a Mom must be the toughest. Yet with all of the bullshit you dish out as a teen, Mom loves you with out condition. Amazing.

My mother has always supported me even if she feared what I might be getting myself into. She was there supporting me when I accepted an assignment to war torn Bosnia. She worried like hell when I was there, and she was a listening ear when I returned with some terrible baggage.
My mom loves adventure and she loves to learn new things. She enjoys meeting new people. When she enters a room full of strangers and before she leaves she has met or engaged most in conversation. She looks at life with the wonder of a young child. She loves all of her grand children and has a special relationship with each of them.

Just this week, my mom always wanting to experience new things and meet new people, did something she had always wanted to do, she performed on stage.
Wow, that's my mom, cool eh?

Happy Mothers Day, Mom and thanks for everything.

Here is an email she sent me about her time on the stage:

Thought you might enjoy my lastest escapade. Debute in Theatre here in Vancouver. Just last night. I'm signing all my written work according to Starr. My book has only a few pages left after a three year struggle. My dream of coming here was a dream come true and I listened to myself and went for it. That's what life is all about.
Murder Mystery Theatre.

Last night was so much fun as I took a bit part in a Murder Mystery which had me dress up (I used my on intrepretion) as a millionaire mature wife to a 30 yr young handsome dud who was only after my money. It began with a body missing and no one (audience) was quite sure how to unfold this mystery. The introduction/audience participation was handled by the brilliant author of this short but fascinating murder mystery ... meet Trevor Jenkins.

I played the missing body, the wife, Melina. I had to appear for my three lines important script for it was a clue to the twist at the end.

I prepared for this like the optimistic person I sometimes can be. Since I had to be part of the audience and trying not to give them any clue what I was doing in the show, I dressed all in black with my hair pinned back (my hair would have given it all away) and made myself be just a part of the spectators at the event. Acting is in all of us.

As the public began to come I would mingle introducing myself as Starr and of course the reaction to the name certainly conjured up some interesting comments. Don’t you love people? One woman thought I said I’m a star. And she was going to reply, who the hell cares. Which broke me right up. She was hard of hearing and the more interaction the more fun it became. My funny bone is always present.

Meanwhile the two who were the Stars – Nick (my husband) Emmanuel and Ardith (my partner in business) Lee Anne

Bold real names.

These two very accomplished actors were so terrific and there were 5 acts. Meanwhile I’m in the dressing room changing my attire. Pulling down my black skirt until it touched my ankles - you see I had to have it long as I had to fall and I wore my knee brace to brace the fall. Immediately I proceeded to pull my hair down messed it up to the fullest, of what is usually is, but looking terribly villanious. Add a bit of twigs, green leaves etc in my hair as well as in the long black sweater coat I had brought for effect, which was pommelled with lots of greenery (from the garden where I had been? Or wasn’t, shot in? )

In the main stage, the audience is wondering, is there a body or not? If there is a body is she dead or not? Etc.

Meanwhile the seasoned actors are rehearsing their lines (which were many) while helping me look like the deranged wife I had to be after being shot for my shares in the business that Ardith and I were partners.

I even took my shoes off as there were a pair of red (and they didn’t even know red’s my favourite color lol lol) and a few other clues, suggesting there may be a body, on the table with a mother’s day cake.

So when the fourth act was approaching. I had to crawl up the side wall of the hallway and come in with a gun shout “Eat and Die” fire the gun up in the air twice and then crumble while Ardith shot me twice and I died right there for all to see.

Well my cue man forgot to tap for me and I waited and all of a sudden from a room with the door closed I heard my panic husband (being the great actor he is) holler Melina at top of his voice in such panic and repetition I raced up the hall like the wounded body I represented, with a certain amount of validity,as I had blood running from my head and corners of my mouth with my large (as you know) amount of hair flying around and a gun menacing in my hand. I pulled it off and repeated my lines twice before I shot the gun twice in the air. The audience was in total surprise and shouted and yelled and couldn’t hear me even though I was hollering my lines at the top of my voice.

Anyway Ardith was quick to grab my gun and shot me dead. I fell down and rolled over and rolled over on my stomach and died. Nick bent over, touched my laughing body heaving up and down, pretending to be in somewhat grieving happiness stare.

Shortly thereafter this act ended. I was in hysterics and forgot this was not the end of the play. I promptly pulled up my long skirt and showed the Audience my knee brace, hugged the writer, director and professional leader, Trevor Jenkins, who has been doing these kinds of entertainment for a very long time, as I continued laughing. Trevor shouted this isn’t the finale. I’m not sure he was telling me or them. I quickly departed back to my room.

I’ve not had some fun since I did the musical video when I first came here in 2000.

Meanwhile I am getting rid of the debris on my clothing, when Trevor came and got me as the audience had so much fun wanted me back to repeat my line as they weren’t quite sure what I had said with all the commotion they had made.

So out I went with the villainous venom of the shot victim and stared at the audience as if Nice and Ardith were still there and pointed the gun to the ceiling and shot the gun. However it only fired one shot. I told Trevor when he asked me to do it again; I would not be falling as I had taken my brace off. (After all I only got $10 and a bottle of wine for all of this and I had somewhat injured my knee at the previous night’s rehearsal) Oh we actors really get into our part. Lol lol lol

When the finale came I’m still in my room not knowing when to come out. However I did open the door and hear the applause and screaming for Melina. It was tremendously rewarding. All of us were given a very wonderful feeling of fun and it showed in the Audience’s faces. When the pros take on the amateur they certainly go out of their way to be helpful and supporting.

We paid our tribute to our talented creative writer, director, Trevor Jenkins who gave all of us this wonderful night of entertainment. What a guy he is.

After the show I continued to meet many of the audience. They went home happy and Trevor wants me to return for a serious drama in the summer. I will have many more lines. I left my number and went home with blood in my face and a smile.

Trevor met me in Starbuck’s my favourite haunt with a view on Wednesday. He was sitting right next to me and I was contemplating life drinking coffee and looking out at the wonderful Vancouver view when he turned to me and said “Are you busy Friday night?” I was outraged and shouted like the maritimer I am, “I don’t even know you.” Thinking he was trying to pick me up. Like so many before him. lol lol lol

Then in his professional voice he said “No, no, are you busy Friday night?” With suspicion, inquisitiveness and my need to know (the Irish descendent? Perhaps), I replied firmly; “No. Why?”

Then he went on to explain he needed an actress for the one who promised him to show didn’t and he continued non stop to recite the entire play, who he was with all the details, of where, when, why, who and what. He offered me $10 and a bottle of wine. I said.
“Make it red and I’ll be there.”According to Starr.

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