Friday, June 23, 2006


It's been a crazy couple of days. Our heli still sits on the ground waiting for it's FLIR camera to be returned from Oregon. So all of us have found ourselves on the ground this week. We should be back in business by Tuesday. We shall see,,,,,

Last night I got a call as I was doing battle with my virus program on my home computer when my cell phone rang. I was my good friend Janet D calling from one of the downtown bars. "Murray, It's Janet. I'm here with a bunch of the girls and guess who just walked into the place,?" Wayne Gretzky!" She sounded very excited. "None of us have a camera."
The after parties of the NHL Awards Show were just getting started and the who's who of hockeydom were in Vancouver, much to the delight of Janet and the rest of the gang at the bar. "I wanted to call as I know how much you would appreciate us meeting the Great One."
"Tell the Great One, Murman says hello and I'm glad he got back OK from Turin." I chuckled. "You better go so you don't miss your chance to say hello"

I had been a little bummed that I didn't get the Awards assignment, but I found out this morning that one of the other "hockey guys", Gary drew the assignment. That's cool, Gary would appreciate being there.

This morning when I got into the office I was regailed with brushes with Gretzky tales. One of my collegues Lisa, proudly showed me her wallet signed by noneother than number 99 himself. "I wished I had a camera with me" she said. Well through the magic of Murman here is an idea of what kind of photo Janet and Lisa had in mind:

Janet, The Great One and Lisa enjoying the after party!

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