Saturday, January 19, 2008

Flight Week Ahead

After an interesting week on the ground, I find myself ready to get back on flight duty. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and our flight crew will have some good hunting. Maybe a rescue or two. We don't need anyone to get hurt, just a visual rescue. Something that will lead the cast. God knows, it has been a very, very long time since I had something that I have shot from my seat aboard our camera in the sky. I am beginning to feel snake bit. Oh yes this "rescue" needs to happen before it gets too dark. Unfortunately the nose mounted wonder camera, is not much of a wonder when it is dark. So, I'll bring my rabbit's foot, eat my Lucky Charms and knock on any wooden surface and hopefully, it will be a good week riding high above the tree tops crankin' it out for your viewing pleasure.

My favorite part of the week, the first launch.

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Jack Zhang said...

Hey Murman,

I think just saw one of your montages on CTV News at 6. All I have to say is... Awesome. That really long and zoomed in shot with the guy taking a picture of you guys is an astonishing shot.

This is sorta like a mini-Over BC production, However, that FLIR HD upgrade is long overdue... Just saying that.