Tuesday, April 07, 2009


A week and a half ago the shooting fraternity in Vancouver lost part of its soul with the passing of former CITY TV Cameraman, Grant Wyatt.

I met Grant when I first arrived in Vancouver from the east coast. He was shooting for CKVU and I was at the new "upstart" station in Vancouver, VTV. Right away he treated me as one of the gang, never as the "new guy" at the new station. When ever I would run into him out in the field, he always made me laugh and his presence at a shoot always made it more enjoyable.

There was a gathering at a local watering hole, this past Friday night to celebrate Grant's life. The place was full and there was still a hundred people wanting to get in.

The following You Tube Video is a tribute to Grant, lovingly prepared by his friends at CKVU/CITY TV in Vancouver. It gives you a glimpse of the wonderful persona that was Grant Wyatt.

I miss him.


Horonto said...

R.I.P. Grant
Judging by the tribute he was appreciated & loved by his peers.

Joanie Farr said...

So awesome thank you, I love grant��

Joanie Farr said...

Thank you!!! I love Grant, so happy to see him again in your video, like a quantum leap