Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For the last week all that has led news from around the globe is the Mexican Swine Flu. I know I am getting a little tired of it. Assignment desks everywhere are in full panic mode.

Here at World Wide Murman headquarters, we feel that we need to do our part in spreading the hysteria. So at WWM we are raising our Swine/Avian / Day Flu alert level to Code Orange.

I repeat Code Orange.

We also feel a message that has been clearly lost in the last couple of days is the most basic one:


and If you are not feeling well,


There you go, simple yet effective. How hard was that?

Now go forth and "spread" no more.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


A week and a half ago the shooting fraternity in Vancouver lost part of its soul with the passing of former CITY TV Cameraman, Grant Wyatt.

I met Grant when I first arrived in Vancouver from the east coast. He was shooting for CKVU and I was at the new "upstart" station in Vancouver, VTV. Right away he treated me as one of the gang, never as the "new guy" at the new station. When ever I would run into him out in the field, he always made me laugh and his presence at a shoot always made it more enjoyable.

There was a gathering at a local watering hole, this past Friday night to celebrate Grant's life. The place was full and there was still a hundred people wanting to get in.

The following You Tube Video is a tribute to Grant, lovingly prepared by his friends at CKVU/CITY TV in Vancouver. It gives you a glimpse of the wonderful persona that was Grant Wyatt.

I miss him.