Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"And That's the Kinda Day it's Been"

Tomorrow Sept 1. will mark the end of a broadcast era in Canadian Television as the words "and that's the kinda day it's been" is spoken for the final time when "Canada's most trusted" News Anchor signs off of the CTV National News Desk. Yes Lloyd Robertson is stepping down at age 77.

Some of my first recollections of Mr. Robertson were when I was just a boy watching the CBC National News. I remember his coverage and commentary of several of the "moon shots of the 1960's and 70's. His presentation was part of the reason I became interested in News and Current Affairs television.

Lloyd is to Canada what Walter Cronkite was to our American cousins. A trusted voice, a solid journalist, if Lloyd told us about it on our nightly National News then it must matter and it must be important.

I had the privilege to meet Mr. Robertson several times during my own Television Career and had the honour to work on a couple of special projects with him. I aways found him to be a classy fellow that was never too big to give thanks to his crew. Lloyd only needed to meet you once, and you were forever embedded into his razor sharp mind.

My encounters with him were always friendly, he always had a story to tell and enjoyed hearing your story. Each time he would always remind me of how he worked with my Aunt in the National News Room many years ago and would regale me with how she came by her news room nic name- Strides.
It aways brought a smile to my face.

I, like most Canadians will miss you Lloyd, and although you will be still working on some special projects, not having that familiar voice proclaim "Thats the kinda day it's been" every night will take some getting used to. Happy trails Lloyd, happy trails and thank you.

Broadcast Legend- Canada's Most Trusted Newsman- Lloyd Robertson with me at the wrap party for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games- and yes he regaled me with the "Strides" story on that occasion again.

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