Friday, March 02, 2012

Me, my son, the GoPro and Whistler = Perfect Day

A week or so ago, a day off, a weekday and a decent weather window all came together for me. The first time this particular winter. Needless to say, I load-ied up the skis and headed to my favorite ski resort for a day of snow fun. The boy came along and well this vid is how we spent that day. Humping tripods and lights into any presser was the furthest thing on my mind. Love those days off when you can recharge, the mind anyway. Have to say the body was shall we say, hyper aware of the parts that don't get used too often,,,,,,. 
Please enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.


Lauren said...

Have you seen the quikpod - its so awesome - you can take pictures and be in them!!

Murman said...

I ended up using the ski pole because none of the dealers in Whistler had any helmut mounts left. So I had to improvise.