Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Black Wednesday

I have been on vacation and have been less than faithful to the blog and for that I apologize. But in my absence, much has happened in our small world of media.

My friend and colleague Dave K were hoping to get some sailing in last week when weather and the winds of change at on of our local competitors CITY TV stopped us in our tracks. Last Wednesday morning our colleagues at CKVU were called from what ever their assignments were and directed to a meeting where they were told that they were no longer employed. Talk about a kick in the nuts.
The long and the short of it, CHUM has not been the same company for some time. I had worked for ATV years ago when it was owned by the CHUM group. It had been the best company to work for. Good benefits, decent pay, I hated to leave, but in hind sight it was the best thing I could have done at the time.

Now as part of a big restructure, hundreds of people have lost their jobs across Canada. They include both A Channels and CITY operations across the country. I know some of these people. They are very talented and gifted. It doesn't seem right.

The media business is always changing. That's what makes it exciting, challenging and attractive. Unfortunately sometimes the changing manifests itself in the way it did on Wednesday.

It makes you think, how safe are you? Do you have a plan? Unfortunately most of us don't. Hell mine seems to involve a particular 6 numbers twice a week. You see I need all 6 on the same day. Then I'll not need to worry about how the media world changes at least for me.

Well, I have got to go back and get some painting done, not much of a vacation, but it is away from the daily crush. I'll be back on Monday, back in the air.


Rad said...

Yeah, This business is a kick in the pants some days. The thing is, proper management could eliminate a lot of the BS...

Widescreen said...

No one likes it when this industry goes though a shake up. It seems to happen every few years.

One of our larger commercial networks is doing that now. Ours is a government owned network and we get a shakeup every couple of years.

More of it is empire building for management. We get used to it and just keep on doing what we do best.