Wednesday, July 05, 2006

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

-Wednesday July 5, 2006
YVR-An inconsolable Murman issued the following for immediate release at the end of the second semi final of the World Kick Ball Cup.

"FUCK!!!!" was heard around Sea Island, home of the Vancouver International Airport this afternoon. This after a complete collapse of his pool picks in the semi final round. Team Murman was looking good going into the final four with 3 teams left. Vegas odds makers had him pegged as the 2:1 favorite going into the semi finals.
"I had been looking forward to a German/French final as I suspect France would just give up!"

But yesterday Team Blitzkrieg couldn't get the job done against Italy.
"One freakin' shot on goal, what the hell was that!" Murman added. "Master Race, my ass!"

This afternoon's match up saw Team Murman still in the hunt. But the synchronized diving team of Portugal found themselves flopping around the penalty area waiting for the ref to give them a free bee. Murman still leads by one point going into the final, but had chose Germany to win it all. So as the points nazi would say "No points for you!"
"I was a hell of a good run, and beating Martinez by over 40 points was well worth the 10 bucks. Thank God that Hockey season is only 10 weeks away."

World Wide Murman Press Release

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