Sunday, August 06, 2006

Over There

Many of you know that read here regularly, I attempt to give you my take on what its like to be a News Gathering Cameraman. Most of the posts have been about my travels and the people I meet covering events for a local CTV station.
I want to introduce you to a fellow not unlike any of us who do this kind of work, but he is in northern Israel covering the troubles there. He has been blogging daily about his experiences as the rockets and shelling impact on his immediate surroundings. He is no rookie to covering war, but he and the others of his crew are in harms way, daily, in order for the world to get a glimpse of what is happening over there. His name is Mal James and he is working for FOX News. His postings on UNHOLYLAND NEWS have been out standing.
There are many more like Mal, in hotspots all over the world, working for Newspapers, Radio and Television Networks. They put their lives on the line attempting to bring the stories of what is happening to you in the comfort of your own home.
The next time you are watching stories from the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other war zone on the planet, remember there's a crew putting it on the line to bring you the story. Don't forget these folks in your meditations, prayers and thoughts. They need all of the good karma we can send to them.

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Mal said...

Many thanks for the kind words in your article , hope you like todays perhaps not one of the happiest , but just had one of those negative days
Northern Israel