Monday, August 21, 2006

Thirteen Hours of Nothin'

I lucked out the week following the Abbotsford Air Show. I found myself gearing up for my Flight week aboard Chopper 9. Normally, and this week was no different, I am always jacked up with anticipation of what the week might bring. The weather, beautiful flying weather. The summer months rarely disappoint. The winter season however, flight weeks can be sabotaged by days of low cloud and poor visibility, but I am months away from all that so this week should be a good one.
What I hadn't anticipated was my friend and colleague, Flight Reporter Dave Mach Daddy Kincaid, had booked the week off on Vacation. That left little old me out at the airport waiting like a coiled spring to leap into action at the first sign of a breaking news story. That's right I was at a constant state of readiness, code red, balancing one legged on a post, like that karate kid guy. Waiting, listening, hoping, praying for something to happen.
Oh I got to fly. The 5 and the 6 shows need servicing each day. Maybe a fire will break out and we'll have it live. But the week would not produce. Not a single scene call worth shooting, not a single breaking story, nothing. Beauty shots, weather shots that is all I was good for last week.
The flight hour count: 13.6

Here's hopin' the next tour is a bit more productive.

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