Friday, September 22, 2006


You meet some of the most interesting people in our daily travels. I have been lucky in the past month as I had been assigned to both the Abbottsford Airshow and to the CTV Broadcast Center at the PNE. At each of these events I had the good fortune to meet many people who stopped by the Helicopter at the airshow, and the Stage at the PNE.
Each event is unique, yet the mission is the same. Wave the flag, make connections with the public. During the airshow, we get mostly families with children who want to see Chopper 9. The entire flight crew is present. We give away things like t-shirts and hats. The folks stand in line to take a seat in the machine. Most are curious about all of the monitors and controls for the camera. Some are interested in the aviation side of the machine. They ask questions, we try to answer them, all the while, making a connection to people. Now we hope that these folks will become loyal viewers, many who visit already are, but in any event meeting people is the key.

Chopper 9 on Static at the Abbottsford Airshow

At the PNE we have a much larger presence. The Promotions department have a large booth. There's a broadcast stage and jumbo tron. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the cool thing is we give away a ride everyday aboard Chopper 9. Thousands of people enter. I had the good fortune to meet several of the prize winners. I would escort them to the landing area at the infield of Hastings Park Race Track. As I would accompany them to the infield I would give the excieted and often first time helicopter passengers, a safety briefing. It truely was an enjoyable duty.

Chopper 9 on an approach into the infield of the Hastings Raceway

Again, making contact, personal contact with folks from all over, with the hopes that their encounter with us will invite them to become a loyal viewer.

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