Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Off Season

There are two seasons in Murman's world. They are not heralded by a change in temperature or the color of leaves, but rather the sound of metal on ice and wood striking rubber. Yes there are two seasons in my world: The Hockey season and the Off season.
The Hockey season usually begins during those first days of any given October. The Off season, well it is a much more difficult season to predict. Last year it came early, not because of any "global warming" or "green house gasses" but because the playoff winds were not favorable to Vancouver's Canucks.

It looked like the off season would come late this year, we had all hoped it would be maybe sometime in June. But as fate would have it, a sudden high pressure wind from Southern California brought migrating birds north. Ducks to be precise and just like that the season changed. The off season began with the flash of red light from behind the Vancouver goal, in Overtime period #2 from a shot that should have been stopped, but wasn't,,,,,

Yep the ride is over. No Stanley Cup, no parade.

But is was fun while it lasted. Lets hope that the "Off Season" comes late next year.

And finally to borrow a picture and statement from another blog:


Just kidding, rock on.

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