Monday, May 14, 2007

The Slump

As I sit and put thoughts to words, I find myself in quite the slump. As a photog, you want to contribute everyday to the greater good of the show. It involves giving your best for your 2 minutes of story that ends up on the cast. I feel the same when I am on a week of Air Operations as well. And herein lies the problem.

My last several rotations have dealt with bad weather, maintenance and the lack of a flight reporter. These three factors have to say the least limited both flight time and air time.

Now I do know that these things happen, yes and they do come to an end. I am sure that this slump will to come to pass. But as a particularly impatient kinda person, it cannot end quick enough for me.

It might be the time of year and that coupled with the fact we only have so many flight hours in the contract and that we had an exceptional March, a slow down was in the cards.

Add to the mix, the reassignment of our flight reporter to ground duties this very morning, and I find myself wondering what the hell I'm doin' sittin here listening to the blair of the scanners that have yielded nothing in the past several flight rotations. Oh the humanity,,,,,

Yes sir, a slump indeed.

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Doug said...

There is an option: you could chuck it all and move to West Africa.

No worries about flight reporters or bad weather!

But there are challenges here too, like when:

#1. There's not enough room in the solitary news vehicle to go out on a shoot. We have 9 reporters.

#2. There's a big back up in the single edit suite. We have 9 reporters.

#3. Frequent power outages that kill our computers and knock us off the air all the time. Even when the genny kicks in, the reality is that none of our audience can watch us.

#4. No NHL team.

#5. Scorpions, spiders, malaria.

Keep on truckin'!