Friday, July 27, 2007


Wednesday, we learned of a story of great courage, sacrifice and sadness. It was about a man of unbelievable and unquestionable character. He and his family, were enjoying a pleasant day on vacation. Enjoying the water, cooling off on what was no doubt a typical summers day. But this day would be different.

The man's son found himself in some difficulty in the water. There was a strong current, the boy was in danger. With a father's instinct and without hesitation, he went to the boy's rescue. Dad couldn't swim a stroke. He saved the boy, but in doing so, gave his own life.


That man was Kenny Lim. Kenny worked at my station as a Graphic Artist in our News Department. He was one of the original people who helped build and sign on this station 10 years ago. I regret that I was not as close to Kenny as some in the building. But Kenny always had a grin on his face when ever we spoke in the hall or in the elevator. During my all too few conversations with him, I learned he was a Boy Scout Leader and all round nice fellow. He was devoted to his three children and his wife.

Kenny Lim 1960-2007

I know that all of us at CTV Vancouver are richer having known a man, an artist, a father- Kenny Lim.


Anonymous said...

Dear Murman,

Thanks for writing such a nice article about Kenny Lim. I knew him slightly, but I know his oldest daughter well. And I know what a great father he was!



Malika Lim said...

Thank you so much for leaving such a beautiful message about my father. I'm so glad you liked him. He was a wonderful man and person. He had his flaws like any other human. But they made him so right. I loved my father and I'm glad you liked him too.