Monday, December 10, 2007

The Return of Murman

My absence from this blog is over. To you my loyal reader, I thank you for your patience. Two months is a long time and in that time much has happened. The world of WWM has centered around one story. A murder trial in the city of New Westminster, British Columbia. It has been quite a journey. One I hope to share with you in a number of parts as I re-commit to pounding the keyboard, recounting my news gathering experiences and presenting them onto this blog.

Some of you might remember a post from earlier this year about a trial of one Robert Pickton. The trial began last January and just yesterday, a verdict was reached. The next couple of posts will look back on the past several weeks. The posts will not center around the goings on inside the court or the proceedings. If you are looking for that, you can find it written on other blogs/websites/newspapers- No, I will give you my spin on just how I managed to cope though the weather, the waiting and the chaos that this assignment provided. Just bare with me for just one more night as sleep seems to be the thing that I need the most.

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