Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pickton Trial Part 2: The Campfire

One of the lessons learned from our first experience last winter from Begbie Square was it was freakin' cold no matter what the weather. We had rented a construction heater to heat the tents last winter. They were so successful that we purchased one.

It was money well spent. One thing about waiting long periods of time outside a courthouse, is, it's better to stay warm and dry. Nothing makes a shoot any more miserable than a cold/ wet reporter and operator.

The device is fueled by propane gas. Stopping at the gas station every morning filling a cylinder for the heater became a daily ritual. Our flame throwing heat generating marvel became the envy of all of our competitors. They too invested in heat technology, but settled for smaller "Camping" heaters. Still colleagues from the other shelters always found their way into mine enjoy the Sahara-like temps at the CTV Broadcast Center. Just part of that little extra service we like to provide at CTV Broadcast Services--Heat.

Chester, a Global Cameraman, warms his hands during the long evenings waiting for a Verdict

The burner became a center piece especially during the evening hours as we awaited a verdict. Folks would gather, sometimes bringing along a chair, but often just standing around, shooting the shit and telling war stories around the campfire. Often we would just bemoan the fact it was day number whatever and wishing this story would just come to an end so we could all get our lives back.

The lads have brought their chairs, huddled around the Campfire, but what are they watching???

Hockey Night in Canada on a 7 inch monitor!

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Max said...

Nice tou have you back, Murman! I almost thought you were on a world-wide trip aboard Chopper 9...

You should talk to my boss about this heater you've got. It could be a great tool for our live shots here in Montreal. Brrrrrr! ;-)

TVA Montreal