Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Driver

Well election night came and went without many suprises. It seems that we Canadians have a thing for a minority government. Looks like we'll get to do this all over again real soon. Oh Boy!
I got to hang around a Liberal Cabinet Minister's HQ for the night. He won his seat, but he'll be minister of nothing in the new House. The broadcast went as well as any I suppose. It's a lot of waiting around for 4 minutes of fun.

Industry Minister David Emerson
Speaks to Reporters

Yes, the Canadian voter seems to have given the new guy the keys to the car, BUT it looks like they are going to make him put an "L" ( for those of you not from BC, the"L" on the back of a vehicle means "Learner") in the rear window. Yes it seems that Canadians acting like any responsible parent (not the popcorn and beer crowd the Liberals refered to during the campaign) want little Stephen to get some experience "behind" the wheel. I guess the question will be, will he learn the "rules" of the road. Will he be able to handle the "car" in all weather. Or will he go off with his buddies, joyriding around the country side leaving the "car" in the driveway with the gas gauge on "E" like so many "new" drivers.
Of course young Stephen will need to study up as his road test will likely come in 18 months or so. Watch those "right" turns.

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