Thursday, March 23, 2006

Game On!

I have to begin this post with recognition to my colleagues that had been assigned to the Ferry Sinking yesterday. They have done a fantastic job considering we had to mount the mission from Vancouver.
It is hard to believe that I live in a province that is so big. It is actually shorter to drive to San Francisco then it is to drive to Prince Rupert. That said, our SNG team of Gary Tapp and Dave Alexander were able to tag team and drive our SNG Truck to Prince Rupert and enabled CTV BC to provide the only live broadcasting into the 6 PM show. Of course Camera Operators Gary Barndt and Jazz Sangahra (sorry Jazz I can't spell worth shit) and reporters Lisa Rossington and Bob Brown did an amazing job of collecting tape, getting interviews and just getting it done. And I should not forget my national colleagues, Cameraman John Jackson and Reporter and fellow Maritimer, Todd Battis. I look forward to their war stories when they return. I also have to mention the team back in Vancouver that have been recognized by inter office email for their ability to work the logistics of such big story.
Actually we do this every day, but with big stories the adrenalin makes us all hyper aware, and pushes us to approach our respective jobs with enthusiam.
When the game is on we all want to play. We want to win. It is the competitive nature in all of us in the news business.

For what my colleagues accomplished yesterday on all sides of the camera, reminds me why I got into this business in the first place, to tell stories. To tell great stories. Nice goin' guys!

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Opa Horst said...

Great story, keep blogging !