Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Huston We Have A Problem

It seems the technical gods wish to torment me this week. On Monday when I returned home to check my personal email, I found my computer unusually slow. As the session wore on it locked and after a hard reset, the system would not reboot. Huston we have a problem. Hopefully when I get an opportunity to explore the hard drive I will be able to rescue my photos and other important files.

The technical gods followed me to the airport as well. It seems while flying last night for the 5 and 6 shows, Vancouver Base (CTV Control) lost our signal. I noticed a red fault light on the console. Damn! That terminated our flight ops for last night. It seems to be an HPA ( High Powered Amp) thing. Our RF guys will figure it out.
fortunately our team of engineers working the problem this morning seem to be able to get us operational again. The unit in question is on it's way to an engineering bench near you and will get a thorough check over.
The day did begin promising although, with a marine disaster unfolding up north with a BC Ferry on the bottom near Prince Rupert. It is a long long flight to get the the site of the sinking and it doesn't appear as though the aircraft will be deployed. The weather is not good at the moment either. At least reports form our people there is all made it to safety.
Too bad the site was not further south, closer to our area of operations. I am sure we would have been able to get some great shots.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather and a great story to fly on. I guess you can tell I am a bit anxious get some productive flight hours this week.

It will be soon time to go and do battle with my hard drive, may the technical gods give me a freakin break!

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