Saturday, February 02, 2008

The End of January

It has been a long and somewhat eventful week out here on the left coast. After a week of blissful flight, ol' World Wide drew into the regular general assignment ENG rotation.
I was welcomed back to earth with a heavy snowfall. Now usually that would automatically mean a nasty commute topped off with an always popular weather story.

As I loaded the truck and listened in on the traffic reports, I realized I might have a problem just getting off my street. You see an incline to the main road, without salt or sand translates to spinning tires and little or no forward momentum.

A flick into four wheel drive solved that problem and I was quickly on my way in to the office. Listening to the radio I discovered there was supposed to be a big problem on one of the busiest bridges in Greater Vancouver. That turned out to be a very good turn of events for me. I joined the highway into the downtown after the problem bridge. The road was bare and the trickle of traffic inbound meant I could cruise at near the speed limit. When I finally made it to the desk, I had just completed a record best 22 minutes for a commute time.

I did draw a weather related story, but instead of trudging around in the snow looking for sound bites, I got to ride shotgun on a snowplow. Great fun, but shooting in a cab of a big ass snow plow can be hard on the back. Even with the discomfort, I could get the "Mr. Plow" song , from the Simpsons out of my head. The day ended with a live hit not related to snowplows or weather, but taxi cabs. Such is the world of front line news gathering.

The cycle would repeat itself everyday for the rest of the week. Thus ending the always tough month of January.

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