Friday, February 22, 2008

World Cup Ski Racing

I am just get ready to edit this afternoons piece. As Sarah writes her script and awaits vetting, here are a selection of photos from our assignment during the past couple of days at the Whistler World Cup Ski Championships.

CTV Camera Operator Shawn Foss in his Broadcast Location at the World Cup. During a wipe out at the finish this morning at the Womens Down Hill, he took a ski pole to the ass. It punctured his jeans and broke the skin. Like a trooper, he played on, wounded.

A competitor streaks toward the finish at yesterday's Mens Super G at the Whistler World Cup. Man these guys and gals freakin' fly.

CTV Whistler Reporter, Sarah Galashan and CTV Olympic Producer, Allison Redmond pose for a snap yesterday at the Finish Line.

Austrian Ski Fans represent! These guys had a blast and were right behind my camera position.

Ok so I got a shot for the boys, I couldn't resist her smile. A Von Trapp family singer she 'aint.

Canadian Speed Queens, Britt Janyk and Kelly Vanderbeek wave to the supportive crowd after they finished in this morning's Womens' Down Hill.

CBC camera op Glen at his camera position making faces during this morning's race.

Glen returned the favor by shooting a tired looking Murman at the finish line.

A shot of the finish area of the World Cup Womens Down Hill Course. This will be the same course used at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games for the women and the event this morning acted as a test event for the Games Organizers.

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