Friday, February 22, 2008

My Spider Senses are Tingling

This first week of pure Bureau life has had it's moments. With the road crew associated with our News @ 6 show packed up and headed home, it became evident that this part of the Whistler extravaganza would take on a simpler form. Shooting, editing and feeding on the same day is nothing new and would be sort of a throw back to my days with ATV/ASN in the Saint John Bureau many years ago.

Sarah ready to go get'em on the first "official day"

The weekend went fairly well with most of the excitement coming as we were feeding in our item via a Telus "Bang Box". With the window opened and contact with feed and play at Robson and Burrard established, I began to roll the pack, playing it back through my camera. All at once flashing warning lights, beeping tones and an "error message".
"God damn it" I said under my breath.
The voice on the phone from feed and play: "Can you roll it Mur?"
I quickly snap back that we had a problem and to stand by. As I inspect the situation, I discover my worst case scenario, A tape clog or in simpler terms, the camera ATE the tape.

Looking over at young Sarah, the look on her face said it all. We're screwed. But wait,,,,
Call it my spidy sense, but I had made a back up copy of the tape. I told her to stay with the equipment at the box. I was headed to back to the office to pick up an A220 edit deck which would act as a playback unit. The walk back to the office was only ab out 200 yards, but waiting for the elevator seemed like an eternity with an open feed window counting down.

Spiderman during a calmer point of the day before the spidy senses began to tingle

When I returned and hooked it all up there was still time on the window. I fed in the back up tape and suddenly all was right with the broadcast world. Our first feed and after a Live hit. No one at home would have known the potential disaster, the bullet if you will that we had just dodged.

Might as well make the first day the memorable one.

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