Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Payoff

As much as grind traveling road shows can be, there always without fail is a payoff. It can come in the form of financial gain, practical experience, and life experience in general. There is always a payoff.

I remember my first large scale "road trip" back in 1994 when the station I was working at the time took one of their shows to Florida during a particularly bad winter. There was the financial aspect and it was good. As it was my first big adventure, it provided a big professional and practical payoff throughout. It was not until the bitter end of the assignment that the best spiritual payoff presented itself. That was a full day, by myself on a warm sunny island away from the crew, the show and light years away from the winter that we had left back in the Maritimes.

This past week with our CTV News @ 6 show in Whistler for the 2 Year Countdown Celebrations to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, was no different. The week and the project once again tested me in many ways. Physical and mental fatigue, yet again things that I forced myself to work through. After all it is the professional thing to do.

Brent and Pamela at they ride the "Magic " chair as we began our trip up to the top

The spiritual payoff came in the middle of this trip and as it only lasted a half hour, it was indeed worth it. Wednesday brought an assignment for Brent , Pamela and I up at the top of Whistler Mountain. There was a number of elements to collect before we loaded onto the lift and at times it looked like our attempt at snapping on the skis for a few "turns" might elude us. But in the end we were able to get ourselves up. The official reason: Go to the top, get some shots and shoot a stand up. The truth is we all just wanted to get a run or two in on what was a spectacular day. I had to be on the set at 3:30, but it had been pushed to 4, so that took a bit of the pressure off.

A look from Whistler across the valley toward Blackcomb.

Brent and Murman at the top top near the "Round House"

It was good for the soul, it was good for the body. It was indeed the Payoff.

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Doug said...

Once again, great writing! Keep it up and you'll be on the other side of the camera!