Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weeks End

As the week of Specials came to a close, our newly formed Bureau would begin to ramp up. Thursday brought the arrival of Whistler Reporter Sarah Galashan. Her presence would require me to begin shooting and editing as her assignments dictated. This would present an interesting logistical problem. I was still required to shoot and edit with Producer Brent Gilbert and Host Pamela Martin. I was also required to be on set at 4:30 to man the camera for the show.

CTV Whistler Bureau Reporter Sarah Galashan on her first day at the Bureau

At this point in the week fatigue was beginning to take its toll. Add to the mix, an evening shoot that was sold as being an hour tops, but actually went 4 and by Friday morning the WALL was coming awfully close and I was afraid I would hit it.

CTV Floor Director Jimmy Walsh, waiting for the final show

Somehow the team was able to get through it. I shot a piece with Sarah and cut it. The weather on that last day brought snow and cold. Couple that with tired bodies and you know that striking the set would be a challenge.

Just before we went to air for the final show, word spread that the only highway back to Vancouver was now closed. This put the rest of the crew in a sombre mood as they were anxious to get home. I would be staying as part of my Bureau commitments, but my accomidations were now in the Bureau itself and with all of the turmoil of the week, the room had looked like a bomb had hit it.

A shot of the Bureau on Friday, looking like a bomb hit it.

The show went to air, I had little energy left after the shoot and edit. As the show ended we all knew with the highway closed, getting the stranded crew some place to stay in a resort town on a Friday Night would have to take priority.

Brent warming his hands during the show, just wanting to wrap up.

I began to strike the set as the others set out to find lodging. It wasn't long before guys began to return to help out. Before we knew it we had the set packed up and loaded onto the truck. The highway wasn't going to reopen until midnight. It would mean another night for the crew, but going home in poor road conditions would be a very bad idea indeed.

My final night with the crew was spent with Floor Director Jimmy and his girlfriend Inga. We raised a glass and toasted the end of a week of successful shows and to a good night's sleep for our tired bodies.

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