Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well today is the DAY. The three of us leave for our Olympic Journey. The packing is done, the gear is checked and the paperwork is done. I cannot believe how much gear we are hauling. I thought that technology would have made things smaller,,, well much smaller (read lighter) than our SX equipment.
My head has been spinning for a day or so now, going over details ( about gear and logistics). I am sure to some I looked like some sort of unholy undead creature from the B Rate Horror Movie of your choice. But yesterday, during all of the final preps and running around, two of my very dear friends and colleagues did or said something that made me stop and think about the moment. To Tim and Janet, thanks for that.

Although it is a Day of anticipation for me, I also want to point out that someone else in our CTV family is having a special Day. Tamara Taggart walks down the isle today to begin her life together with her bo Dave. Tamara and I had a shoot earlier this week and her cell never stopped as she was making final preps for the "Royal Wedding". I do hope that she sits back and enjoys the Day. Best wishes Tamara, have a safe and wonderful trip together. (Although you would think that Tamara being a "weather" personality would have used that weather machine of her's to bring some sun on her wedding day)

The next entry will come from Italy. hopefully the bags will all arrive with us! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!


peacefulstarr said...

You're on your way to another historical event. How many has that been in your young years?

What an adventure and much new learning. Best Wishes and congratulations for remaining enthusiastic. Hurrah for you.

Great crew, great Countries - Italy and Canada - great experiences.

Send you lots of


Anonymous said...

Crap... Someone beat me to the first comment... Good luck, have fun, and be careful 'cuz I don't think the 'Limpics is ready for Murman...

Mike Laverdiere said...

Hey Murman! Did you make it? I was hoping to read a posting about your 7 hour layover in Frankfurt.

See you on the other side, buddy!