Sunday, February 12, 2006


A long time ago in a country far, far away, A valiant TV Crew set out from a distant star system in the western quadrant of Canada.
The Journey was long and uncomfortable. They were supposed to fly on the newest star ship in the galaxy, Lufthansa, instead they flew with the Luftwuffa.

On the first evening we arrived in Torino, it was late and of course we were famished. One of the lads who are guarding us from, uncle Al (Quida), suggested we go just around a corner to a little restaurante called Fattoria.
I have mentioned this establishment before in a previous post.
Anyway on the third night in town, we returned to Restaurante Fattoria. It would be our third time we found ourselves in Super Mario’s place. This time I brought some CTV Swag. A pen that lights up, and a tee shirt. We order. The drinks come. I call Mario over to the table. I ask him for his pen. He is confused, I ask again if I can have his pen, then I slide the CTV Pen to him. His face lights up. The pen lights up. His eyes light up. He shakes my hand and thanks me and quickly darts off to the back of the place. We delight in the fact that we have given a bit of pleasure to our host. Well Mario comes back, this time with a gift of his own. A trinket for each of us, giving me one last. We thank him. Gratzi, He starts away again, but I stop him. Now I slide a rolled tee shirt over to him. He is speechless, he shakes my hand and gestures to his heart. He seems to be touched.
He comes back with a tee shirt gift of his own. An escalulation of sorts.
I figure if I keep raising the ante, I’ll have the deed to the place before the end of the week.
Night 2 of the Swag war sees him presented with a CTV News Hat.
By night 3 he has made a shrine of CTV Swag in the front of his place.

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