Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Duck Hunting In Torino

"Torino, shit I'm still only in Torino. Every minute I sit here waiting for a mission, Charlie gets stronger. All I wanted is a mission and for my sins they gave me one."
Murman "A cameraman's Appocalypse"

Yes the fatigue factor has firmly set in. It looked like there was light at the end of the tunnel. That tunnel we call the last 10 days. I was particularly happy with the work we had managed force out the pipe. We were looking forward to perhaps, oh I don't know, A DAY OFF. Then the cell rang last night, it seems that light was the CTV train coming from the other direction.
I know, you can't look away.

We had dinner at the Fattoria last evening with special guests Vicky Gabereau and her sidekick Jane Rowe. After the "call" all we could do is drown our sorrows in a bottle of vino.

This morning we went Gretzky hunting. We were sure not to invite Vice President Chaney, what with his gun handling skills and all. Anyway we arrived at the airport and bumped into an old friend from the VTV days when Sportsnet was still in the building, Craig M.
Mike and I found our way to where the busses would be loaded. Security was tight. Brent had gone with our dashing young driver to get some shots of the plane actually landing.
It was not long after Brent began shooting (Photo: Murman and his "big lens" with Sergio and Al C from Global at the "hunt") when a member of the Polizia pulled up and asked what was going on. Before you knew it there was 5 Polizia cars with angry officers, shouting at our driver. Poor Alby, he has been with us for 10 days and in the last 3 days he has had the Polizia wave a gun at him in Milan, and now he has got a group of angry officers going through his papers and checking everything in his car. They checked Brents passport. I quess it was quite a scene.
Meanwhile back at the Hunting lodge ( Arrivals area for team Canada), we waited for our quarry. And just like that out came the Great One. Of course all of the media players were there well except for CITY cause they're EVERYWHERE. We had about a 100 meter shot. I put the crosshairs on the target and squeezed the trigger. I was able to get a good shot of the Gambling One (Hey I am just joking here, please no lawsuits)
So all was not lost.
As we drove back, I felt that we had done well to get what we got for not being rights holders. But was I rolling? I would be in a world of shit. But wait a minute, I'm at the Turin Olympics, without a Rights Holder Pass, I AM ALREADY IN A WORLD OF SHIT.
Pray to the video Gods for us,
That Janet, Wayne and the kids will come and visit us at BC House.

All joking aside, I am sure there is more pressure on us now that they have arrived. Yes as our new Italian friend Osvoldo has said "The fertilizer has hit the air conditioner!"

Murman, John Furlong VANOC, Mike K during happier times.

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peacefulstarr said...

Your writing gives us all a chuckle as we read your tongue in cheek commentary. Keep up the good work.

Vancouver had high winds that lasted for a day and winter colder weather has been thrust upon us. So your "cheerful and not so cheerful news clips" keeps us connected to what really is important. EAch other.

Happy filming and editing. Lots to ponder when you return, now your are a participant of life.

No shotguns just keep shooting the action for the world to see.

Kick butt. Not your own.