Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm Back

I am back after a short absence from the infoweb. As many of you know, our internet service here is Torino is less than impressive.
The work load is still there, but with Mike in Monte Carlo, we have been able to catch up.
Saturday brought a gut checking loss to the mens team, to Switzerland. Of course our driver/ Dr. Alberto, gave me the gears about the loss. I have received some email from home suggesting my chance meeting with the Great One may have been bad luck for the team.
Brent and I went out and shot an item that we cut on Monday. It was about pin collecting. We took advantage of the lull during the weekend to explore a bit of the neighbourhood. When we got up on Saturday morning, we couldn’t bring ourselves to eat at the Media Village. The menu has not changed since we got here. They don’t quite get how to cook bacon, or do anything appetizing with the eggs. We asked the front desk where the nearest café would be. Of course they did not have a clue. What else is new. My god if VANOC wants to learn how NOT to house the media, then come here to Stalag 13.
After a very short walk we discovered a couple of “Bars” or Cafés. I have not been back to the Media Village for food since. The other piss off is of course, no internet at the media center at the Village. This is especially difficult since I pulled out of BC Place and relocated the editing decks to my room. BC Place had become too chaotic. There was always people coming into our room and disrupting the editing process. Add to the equation that our feed point (The Crackhouse) was 4 KM away through bad traffic. Moving our base of operations for now has been a good thing. I suppose when Mike returns we may relocate back.

I took the time this weekend to take in a hockey game. After editing on Sunday, I grabbed a Cab and went to see the men play Finland. I met up with our National reporter Graham Richardson and TSN Reporter Farhan L. I walked in with my media pass and sat in the media area and settled into what I had hoped would be a good night of hockey. Wrong again. The team sucked and were shutout for the second game in a row. Perhaps my meeting with Wayne had brought bad luck to Team Canada.
Well at least the women would not let us down.
Regardless, it was nice not to have to rush an edit and feed on Sunday night, it almost felt normal.

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