Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Team Torino

Brent, Mike and Murman- Team Torino
I have a second, I was remiss in not indroducing Team Turin.

Ladies and gentlemen, wharing number 14, le'numareaux quatores Mike (Stand by Stations) Killeen.
Mike is our hair and teeth, also known as talent, inside the building. His talents include dealing with and stickhandling tricky and non existant feed times. He is never at a loss for words and is funny as hell with no sleep. Yet delivers his standups and voice overs with authority and clearity. This guy, he a pro.

Wharing number 22, le'numareaux, vent doux Brent Gilbert. Funny witty, he thought the lady sitting next to me on the flight over was DEAD. He does it all. He is producing Vicky G segments, he has been helping out with the shooting, and he has fogotten more about storytelling than some will ever learn. He is currentally settting across the table from me editing the first Vicky piece. He hasn't yet gone for the gun yet, but it's on the table. Brent also has shown his remarkable talent for taming the beast that we call windows 2000. He came up with the solution for up loading photos without a driver.
And of course you all know World Wide Murman.

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Hi Murman! Fellow Canadian posting here from London, ON Canada. You should get your buddy Mike Killeen signed up as a voice talent at . Hope that Torino is all you hoped for and more.

Ciao! Stephanie Ciccarelli