Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Moment

Yesterday was filled with moments that will last a life time. After our evening at the Game, we left the Media village with a rejuvenate sense of well being. It had been a good night, One of the hilights of the trip. Friday would be another day which would test us in both temperament and in physical strength.
Mike was riding high as this would be his last day in Torino. He is off for a couple of days to spend some vacation with his wife in Monico ( Goldfinger: "No Mr. Killeen, I expect you to Die!) Anyway good for Mike, He's back on Thursday.

The moment of the day came later in the day at BC House when The Great One walked into the place. I managed a shot. He said hello to Vicki and she introduced me as one of the hard working CTV guys that were putting her to air. As Wayne left the building, out the back door, I ceased the moment. With cat like agility ( not bad for a short fat guy) I was right behind him and asked if he would be so kind to grant a photo with me. Sure he said. I tried to take the photo myself, but was huffing and puffing. He said "take it easy Murray, my friend will take the photo." I said "Sorry it's been a hell of a week" He said with a smile "Tell me about it!"

And that was my Olympic Moment with the Great One.

The Great One with the Tired One


peacefulstarr said...

A perfect moment in time. Wow what a great picture. We are all routing for you, however, a bit of envy in all of us.

Two Great Ones. How the cosmos present us with (we think) an unsurmountable problem and then give us that "sprint" olympic enthusiasm and low and behold Gretsky and Titus worth a million words.

Hang onto the positive. What you do gives us inspiration to excel in our dreams.

Great stories and love the element of comedic relief.

Enjoy and continue to stay in the present moment.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Bastard.... The 'Lympics are amazing... Hey did you ask him if he knows a good bookie??

Anonymous said...

Just a little hello from back east. What a great experience! Keep up the great blogging! Neat picture too. I bet that picture will be treasured dearly... afterall that may be the only picture Wayne has of you:)



Thankyou peacefulstarr for sharing Murrays blog.

Mike Laverdiere said...

Murman, you're up two on me so far.

#1 Susan Young and I saw Gretz leaving Canada House last week and I didn't ask for a photo. He had other people stop him and I didn't want to bother him.

#2 I haven't actually been able to watch a whole hockey game yet. I watched the first Men's game vs. Italy but only the second and half of the third periods. Maybe I'll take this accreditation of mine and try to get into the Gold Medal game.

Glad you got the edit suite going. Hang in there...6 days left.