Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Maps, We Don't Need Stinking Maps!

Well, the countdown clock is running at T-2days and counting. Gear is at the ready, paperwork in order. Navigation system,,, lets just say we don't need maps. Murman will be using ALK's CoPilot Complete with address to address, EU data base to guide us during our stay in Turin. CoPilot is a GPS Navigation solution that gives turn by turn voice direction anywhere in North America, Europe and as I understand, Australia. I have used CoPilot for several years and found it to be very useful getting around here in British Columbia. The unit pictured is a Pocket PC mounted on my dash as I drive my way to a story. The PDA has a built in GPS receiver. This model has every street in North America in it's data base. In the 3 years I have been using CoPilot software, I have not used a map book or paper map. The software has never failed to get me to a story.
With this kind of track record, I naturally wanted to upgrade my unit with Data in Europe, specifically Italy.

I was first introduced to the CoPilot technology during my first Olympic experience in Salt Lake City in 2002. Alain and Kitty Kornhauser were our companions (you may remember I was at the games with my brother Dan) as we cheered Canada's and Team USA's mens and womens hockey teams. Alain and Kitty are big hockey fans. Alain took an instant liking to Belirus after they knocked off favored Sweden in a quarter final. Kitty, had personal connections with the US womens team and would cheer for Canada as long as they were not playing against her beloved Team USA. Dan worked with Alain and Kitty and loved to proudly point out that although he worked in America, he and his brother would be in our team Canada jerseys win or lose. Needless to say the Maple Leaf would prevail at these games and needless to say Kitty was already looking ahead to the next time gold would be decided. Alain, well as far as he is concerned, Belirus will be his team and if they were to win a medal or spoil a favorite again, I am sure we will not hear the end of it from him.
Alain is the Founder and Kitty is the President of ALK, makers of CoPilot. Brother Dan is a Vice President.
So although the four of us will not be together for this battle on the ice in Torino, they are all there in spirit and it will be their company's device that will keep me from losing my way to the arena.
ALK's web site is and you can check out CoPilot at

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