Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tired in Turin

Murman has lost the will to live and will not be blogging tonite very tired - Team Torino


Anonymous said...

Murman, don't OD on the diet coke.
Thanks for going to Turin I racked
up 22hrs of glorious flying in perfect
summer flying weather.


Mike Laverdiere said...

Murman, that shot is priceless. You're probably working harder than me and I still felt the same way after day 3.

little sister said...

from your little sisters pont of view a soon to be "44" year old man On April 4th.
"You may want to start taking a mid afternoon Nap"LOL
I love ya Moey.Be safe & know I`m a million miles away but I`m right there beside you hugging you & smiling because I`m so proud!!!!!