Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some Fimilar Faces in a Strange Land

You know it's bad when Murman refuses food. This morning was such an occasion. I could not bring myself to get out of bed and head down for another breakfast of the same crap they have been feeding us at the media village. My god it's more like a prision, Stalag 13. We recieved a note the other night that there would not be any Y Fi internet service anywhere within "Stalag 13" for the duration of the games. This was the same outfit that kept Brent an I waiting for a toilet seat for 3 days. They have also told us that there would be no more TV channels added to the so called TV service in the rooms. There are two english channels. CNN and EuroSport. I am told that the building across the Compound have CBC. What a freakin' joke.
Last night we went to the Fattoria, but Mario had not brought his A game to the table. It was a most dissapointing evening.

I was delighted to find out that of all of the media assembled at the Gretzky Hunt yesterday, Murman bagged the only shot of Janet. It must have been my "Massive" lens. Our collegue and "Puck Bunny" Janis ( who by the way could have passed for a Janet G decoy) was overheard saying "When I saw Murman and his giant lens at the airport,,,,,,,I knew Momma was going to be happy tonight."
Well long as someone is happy,,,,,,

Anyway last night was not a total write off. We ran into an old friend from the past. Hack, you will be pleased to here that James Duthie sends his regards.
Last week I had heard a rather fimilar accent, and lo and behold there was Peter Sutherland, Camera guy from CBC Halifax. Can't keep those Maritimers home.

I have to go and edit now,
May the force be with me.

Peter Sutherland from CBC Halifax

John L from The Globe and Mail with Mike outside of BC House

C Mac and Mike at the Airport waitin' on the Great One


Mike Laverdiere said...

I saw Farhan at the Canada-Italy game today plus several faces that I've worked with on hockey in Vancouver. A shooter I used to work with in Edmonton. Tara Nelson and the Global National crew are staying at the Media Village near me and I saw them on the bus to the MMC the other day.

I've seen everyone else, but I still haven't seen you, Mike and Brent. Are we meeting up or what? We should have a night with all the CTVers in Torino. I've learned of some great places to eat Downtown Torino and I've mastered the bus system!

Anonymous said...


Great stories... brings back memories of the old ATV news days... don't crash and burn in any fiery edit suites from hell over there...
I'll send you a longer email when you get back...
Keep up the good work.....

Mike B
in Surf city

Anonymous said...

Stuff looks great! Did you find a supply of diet Pepsi???

Anonymous said...

I saw you on TV... At least it was your back and camera... Now I know someone who went to the 'Limpics that wern't special. Go put on a chopper 9 jacket and stand in front of the global camera again....

Later 'Bater

Doug said...

I too saw the back of Murman and the back of Kileen on Globular.

Hey: Say hi to Janis for me... dunno if she remembers the grumpy news promo guy from CKY who quit to go to Bosnia...

Keep it up!

Doug M

Anonymous said...

Wow... Sounds like everyone on here is watching Global! ;-)

Seriously though... Cool blogs, Murman.
Keep up the good work!