Monday, February 13, 2006

Scenes/Photos/ Quote of The Week

Here are a few Photos I have taken in the past week here in and around Torino.

Just outside the media center in the Sestriere where all of the Alpine and Nordic events are being held.

Just outside the Olympic Stadium the day the games were to open

The Classic Turin Post card shot as seen from the banks of the Po River. You can see the Alps in the background of the city. The spire is the museum of cinema the tallest structure in Turin.

Bridge over the Po River. This shot is taken from the opposite side of the river as the previous skyline shot.I hope to have more soon.

Quote of the week:

Question from Mike: "So are you excieted about having the Olympic Games just up the road in Turin?"

Answer from Essore Prosperini, tourism minister of Lomberdia (Milan)

"Perhaps excieted is maybe a word too big"

You must say the quote with your best Italian Accent!

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peacefulstarr said...

What great photos. Feels like we are all there with you.

Wow for the experiences you have and will encounter.