Monday, February 13, 2006


Brent, Mike and I had a unique experience in our coverage of the opening ceremony. As a Non Rights Holder, we at CTV are unable to air or shoot anything that originates inside an Olympic venue. Our solution was to spend our time with a typical Italian family as they gathered to watch the opening on Italian TV.
That family was that of our driver/ translator Alberto.
Dinner was to begin around 7 and the ceremony was to begin at 8. We left BC house to begin our trek across town. Traffic was heavy as the crowd was heading to the Olympic Stadium.
When we arrived and were greeted warmly by Alby’s family. Lucia, his mother, Franco his father, and Federica his lovely girlfriend. I quickly went to work, shooting preparations in the kitchen with Lucia and Federica.
There was a knock on the door it was Alberto’s brother, Giovanni. A barrage of traditional Italian affection ensued. A second knock several minutes later introduced us to the Priest, Gian Franco Sivera, a family friend. I figured the good padre might help out with some divine intervention to insure I would make my feed time as it rapidly approached.
The meal was outstanding, with sausage, prosciotto, bread, two different kinds of pasta and several deserts. Water, Champaign, red and white “vino”, how was I going to get this done?
Brent and I had cameras rolling for much of the dinner. The broadcast began and attention was immediately drawn to the television.
It was difficult to maneuver in such a small confined space in this fine apartment, but I managed to move camera and tripod around with out breaking or spilling anything. That in itself is worthy of some sort of gold medal.
As the broadcast continued and as the cameras rolled to capture the reactions of our hosts, all at once broke out in the singing of their national song. It was perhaps one of the most moving moments of this trip. We were touched by this golden moment.

As we glanced at our watches, I knew we had to get editing. Alby’s mother insisted it would be ok to edit on the dinner table, as she continued to serve the pasta!
Now the A 220 editor, Mike doing his voicers and yours truly became the entertainment.
I edited like the wind, fatigue or perhaps a full belly made it sluggish, but we continued.
It was a bizarre scene, a table full of food and drink, a friendly Italian family, The Olympic Opening Ceremonies on the TV and a TV crew editing at the end of the table.
It was an experience that I will never forget.

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