Friday, February 17, 2006

Gun Play In Milan

On Saturday last we decieded to get the hell out of Dodge City and head to Milan. It was a welcome afternoon of fine weather and a change of scenery. It was in Milan that we met up with one of our best interview subjects of the trip. you may remember an earlier quote of the week in a previous post.
The interesting part of the day was to happen as we were driving out of Milan and heading to the Hiway that connects the city with Torino. We heard the fimilar sound of the Polizia heading off to who knows what. We passed through an intersection and proceeded down the street when suddenly, another Polizia Car whized up close on the outside lane ( and when I say lanes, lets just say the dividing lines are there for decoration). Anyway this polizia car rolls up, Officer with his window down, waving his Glock 9 like it's a freakin stop sign or something. Alby our driver near shits himself, as he pulls over. The little blue fiat pull up to the car infront of us and this TJ Hooker officer points the gun at the drivers head. No doubt he was shouting in the home and native tounge to Pull the f#*k over!. Well I don't know about you, but the business end of a firearm is a remarkable tool of persuasion. I bang off a photo, Brent bangs off a couple as 5 more little blue fiats race into the scene. When the guy gets out of the car, hands in the air, it looks like George Kastanzia from Seinfeld. Man thats road rage!

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